*  Won "Featured" and was on
    company website opening page

*  "Large Mammals"  Finalist

*  "Marine Wildlife" Finalist 

*  Won "Featured" on Hall of Fame

*  Judges' Favorite Award


*  Won "Featured and was on

    company website opening page

*  Judges'Favorite Photo Award

*  "Bokeh" Contest Finalist

Awards and Recognition

*   "Visions of Africa" Finalist

* Judges' FavoritePhoto Awards *

*  Won "Featured" on Hall of Fame

*  "Adorable Baby Animals" Contest Finalist

*  "Miniature Masterpieces" Contest Finalist

*  "Below My Knees" Contest Finalist

​*  "More of the Same" Contest Finalist​

*   "Low Vantage Point" Contest Finalist

​*  "Monthly Pro" Contest Finalist

*  "Wildlife Babies" Contest Finalist

*  Won "Featured" on Hall of Fame  

*   “Alpha Male” Contest Finalist
*  “Covers” Contest Finalist
*  “Into the Wild” Contest Finalist
*  Judges' Favorite Photo Award

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

 Wild View Top Contributor


*  Won "Featured" on Hall of Fame

*  "Springtime Macro" Finalist

        Wild Heritage Photo Exhibit sponsored by www.NYWolf.org​

          The Ward Pound Ridge Reservation's  "Gallery in The Park"  New York  Spring 2015



  • JAN:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “Solo Artist Competition” 
  • JAN:  Fusion Art Palm Springs "Animal Kingdom" - 3 FInalists


  • JAN:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “2nd Annual Landscapes” – 1 Finalist and 2nd Place Award
  • MAR:  Colors of Humanity Art Gallery “Skies” – 6 Finalists
  • APR:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “Waterscapes” – 3 Finalists
  • MAY:  Fusion Arts Palm Springs “Animal Kingdom” – 5 Finalists
  • MAY:  Fusion Arts Palm Springs “Open” – 3 month show - 10 Finalists
  • JUN:  Colors of Humanity “Water” – 4 Finalists
  • JUL:  Colors of Humanity Art Gallery “Botanicals” – 5 finalists and 1st Place Award
  • JUL:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “The Natural World” 4 Finalists and 1 Honorable Mention Award
  • SEP:  1650 Gallery “Dogs Dogs Dogs”  - 3 Finalists
  • SEP:  Light, Space, Time “Open Theme” – 1 Special Recognition
  • SEP:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “Skies” – 4 Finalists
  • SEP:  Shoot the Frame "Shoot the Wild" - Finalist
  • OCT:  Light, Space, Time, "Seascapes" - 1 Special Recognition Award, 1 Special Merit Award
  • OCT:  Confluence Art Gallery "Wildlife" - 2 Finalists, 1 Honorable Mention Winner ​
  • OCT:  Green Door Gallery, St. Louis "Wildlife" - Framed Photo on Exhibit
  • NOV:  Colors of Humanity Art Gallery "Animals" 3 Finalists and 1 Noteworthy​​​ 
  • NOV:  Light, Space, Time "Nature" - 3 Special Recognition Awards
  • DEC:  Fusion Art Palm Springs "Seasons" - 2 Finalists
  • DEC:  RayBiotech 2018 Calendar Contest Winner


  • JAN:  Shoot the Frame “Shoot the Wild” – Finalist
  • APR:  1650 Gallery “Lights and Shadows”- 1 Finalist
  • JUL:  1650 Gallery “I’ll Fly Away: the Nature of Birds” - 1 Finalist
  • AUG:  1650 Gallery “The Sea Above and Below” 1 Finalist
  • SEP:  ​Fusion Art Palm Springs “Waterscapes” – 2 Finalists
  • NOV:  ​Colors of Humanity Art Gallery “Animals” 3 Finalists and 1 Noteworthy
  • NOV:  Gallery MC “Show Your World” Participant
  • NOV:  RayBiotech 2017 Calendar Contest Winner
  • DEC:  Fusion Art Palm Springs “Art for Animals” Winner - donated framed print for charity
  • DEC:  ​Fusion Art Palm Springs “Art for Animals” - 2017 Calendar Winner


  • ​DEC:  Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)  2016 Wild View Calendar  Winner

Wolf Eyes ​Photography

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